UPDATE: February 2017: As of today 29 pen pal pairs have been matched and from the responses I've received nearly everyone has had a successful exchange of letters. I had planned to keep this site up through the inauguration and here we are weeks later and it's still up and still getting registrations. So I'm keeping it up for now. Response time may be a bit slow but I'm still here and delighted by the interest.

All this post-election talk of people living in regional bubbles made me want to do something to try to bridge the divide. I'd love if we could all have dinner together but decided pen pals might be more realistic. This isn't about politics, this is about getting to know one another. I hope you'll join in!

How does this work?
Sign up on the form below (or use this link). Once I have a minute I'll match you with a random pen pal from somewhere else in America and will email you that person's name and address. I'll email them your name and address.
Within two weeks of receiving your pen pal's information, you'll mail each other a letter. That's it. You can stay pen pals forever or just exchange one letter--that's up to you and your pal. 

Why pen pals? Why not? I'm doing this because it seemed interesting and fun and who doesn't love 'real' mail?  There isn't any sponsor or any catch. I won't use your information for anything except to connect pen pals. 

My plan is to match pen pals from different parts of the country so we need all the states to sign up!
What should I send?
I'm imagining a letter in the style of my 90 year old midwestern Aunt Joan who always writes a card telling about the weather and recent local events and the latest with the family. Pull out that stationery you never use or grab a sheet of notebook paper. This needn't be fancy. Tell your pen pal about where you live, where you work, a bit about your family and friends, your hobbies, the best thing about your hometown, your favorite Thanksgiving tradition or anything else that will help them get to know you and your corner of America just a little bit.

I hope you'll participate!

Note: you can scroll down on this embedded form and enter your information directly.